Drill cores and cuttings

Core samples
Core samples.


KGS facilities in Lawrence and Wichita maintain rock cores and samples from thousands of Kansas oil and gas wells.

The KGS Drill Core Library in Lawrence is the repository for more than 67,000 boxes of drilling core and rock samples from more than 5,000 drill holes, primarily from Kansas. Cores—cylindrical sections of rock from a drill hole—are available for public viewing and research.

The Wichita Well Sample Library (WWSL) is the repository for cuttings from more than 148,000 oil, gas, and exploratory wells. In 2014, the WWSL collected, processed, and preserved 3.35 million sample-feet (or 634 miles) of drill cuttings from 2,088 wells. Samples can be viewed in the library or checked out.


Data Resources Library

Images of Kansas Core: Kansas Geological Survey website.

KGS Drill Core Library: Kansas Geological Survey website.